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100% Virgin Human Hair Weaves Wholesale Online Store

Welcome to Bory Hair - One of the world's leading professional online store of 100% virgin human hair market. With over year's experience, we earned a worldwide customer base and a reputation of being the top online virgin human hair supplier especially in USA and Europe. To meet our distinguished customers' individual demands, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction.
Our advantages are as following:
1. We have about 10 years hair products export experience and At least 20000 Kilograms per Month Supply Ability.
2. We can produce all kinds of high quality hair extension, such as human hair weave, lace closure etc.
3. We attend overseas exhibitors every year, such as Bronner Bros, IBSnewyork etc.
4. Direct factory wholesale price, price is cheaper than trading companies. Our minimum order quantity is 1 bundle.
Hair cuticles

healthy hair with full cuticles
the hair is healthy, shiny beautiful and moving,use a long time.

Hair cuticles had been damaged
Hair can used, but easy to be tangled, use no a long time
All cuticles had gone
hair looks soft but very thin, easy to be break off, use a short time.
Hair Ues Effect
About Hair cuticles:
Hair is mainly composed of the epidermis, cortex, medulla layers, while the epidermis is composed of many tiny overlapping scales together, and this is what we call the cuticle, it can be said that a protective layer, if the hair on small scales arranged in neat rows. Can keep the hair nutrition well, make sure the hair is healthy, and more light will be refracted, than the hair will look beautiful and moving, if the hair cuticles is damaged or no cuticles, the hair will be easy to shed or break off, and will be very dry and no shiny.
Hair use effect:
Professional hair testing and customer experience show that there will be no problem when all human hair beginning to use. But the differences among boryhair virgin hair and remy hair and non-remy hair are the time and beautiful effects. boryhair virgin hair had used a long time, and keep the beautiful effect very well, the second is remy hair, which is put the non-remy hair cuticles into one direction many stores it as virgin hair. To people. Non-remy hair is the low quality hair in human hair but its still human hair, just can not very well or long time.
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